The indoor air in our homes,
is often more polluted than the air
we breathe outdoors.
Breathing clean air is as important as eating healthy.

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Why choose us? is an online retailer providing competitive prices on air purifier products. We aim to deliver a memorable experience when you shop on our online store, offering high-quality products to make sure your home is a place where you can breathe healthy air. And experience top-rated customer service. We are based in Ross on Wye UK and use the priority postal services to get the product to you in the shortest possible time. We have been operating since 2019 and have managed to build up a reputable online business. We have a great team and aim to grow more this year to provide our customers with the best possible air purifier products.


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£479.00 £439.00

LightAir Ionflow 2.0 Evolution Air Purifier

CLEAN AIR IS WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT Everyone needs to take care of their health; the Evolution Air Purifier is here to help with that. This powerful ionizing air purifier...

LightAir IonFlow 2.0 Signature Air Purifier

SAY GOODBYE TO HARMFUL PARTICLES Imagine your home with purified, clean breathing air; well, the Signature Air Purifier makes it possible. This beautifully made air purifier has a sophisticated design...
£627.00 £597.00

Stadler Form Roger Big Air Purifier

IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR AIR Nowadays, we might spend up to 90% of our time indoors. So we have to start thinking about what we are going to do...

Stadler Form Roger Little Air Purifier

ENERGIZE YOUR DAY Pure, fresh air not just energizes you; it makes you more creative and might help you make better decisions in the daytime. The Roger Little Air Purifier...

Stadler Form Roger Air Purifier

SENSITIVELY ACHIEVES CLEANER AIR  The Roger Air Purifier provides clean air in rooms of up to 66m2. It has two sensors that measure the quality of the air and immediately...

Winix ZERO Air Purifier
4-Stage Air Purifier System.

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